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The Whipstock Hill Preservation Society       -       WHIPS


The Whipstock Hill Preservation Society (WHIPS) was founded in 1995 by a group of New York and Vermont neighbors who were concerned about the impacts of development on the scenic area that includes Whipstock Hill and nearby Breese Hollow in East Hoosick, New York.

Whipstock Hill is a long mountain that straddles the New York-Vermont border, and most of the members of WHIPS reside in East Hoosick, New York and West Bennington, Vermont.

The mission of the Whipstock Hill Preservation Society is “to protect and preserve the natural beauty of agricultural and forest land on the mountain and its environs”. WHIPS achieves its mission through a combination of activism, public education and partnerships with other conservation organizations with projects in the area.

The Importance of Whipstock Hill

Whipstock Hill is adjacent to both Vermont Route 9 and Vermont Route 279. It is also located across from Bennington’s landmark, Mount Anthony and its ridgeline.


Geologically part of the Taconic Mountain Range, Whipstock Hill has a peak of 1280 feet and encompasses roughly 1600 acres of woodlands, farm fields and wetlands. The historic, working landscapes of Whipstock Hill and adjoining Breese Hollow present a striking natural gateway to welcome travelers passing through the rural community on the Vermont/New York border.


Whether travelling south into Bennington on Vermont Route 7, on the new Route 279 (formerly known as the Bennington Bypass), or east-west on Vermont 9/New York Route 7, this scenic area is cherished by local residents and travelers alike.