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The Whipstock Hill Preservation Society


The Whipstock Hill Preservation Society (WHIPS) was originally founded in 1995 by a group of neighbors from East Hoosick, NY and West Bennington, Vermont, who got together to oppose the creation of a rock mine on Whipstock Hill, an important local landmark. They sued the mine operator, the Wm E. Dailey Company to try to stop the mine.

While unable to stop the mine, their experience highlighted the need for an environmental advocate to help protect the important natural and scenic resources in their area. This has become the WHIPS mission. WHIPS continues to monitor the mine for compliance with an agreement WHIPS has with the Wm. E. Dailey Company intended to minimize the impacts of the mine on their residential neighborhood.


WHIPS has a history of lobbying state and local governments to adopt policies to preserve and protect natural and scenic resources in the East Hoosick-West Bennington area such as banning billboards and designating previously unrecognized wetlands.

WHIPS has also documented and reported activities that violate local, state and federal environmental laws, and pressed the relevant agencies to rigorously enforce those laws.

WHIPS also supports the efforts of other conservation-minded local groups active in the East Hoosick-West Bennington area.

Projects we have supported include recreational trails through important natural areas, beautification efforts, and farmland preservation. Organizations we have supported include the following:

Hoosick River Watershed Association (Hoosick River Greenway)

Town of Bennington (Walloomsac River Park and Recreation Area)

Bennington County Regional Commission (wetlands boardwalk connecting Molly Stark School and local housing projects)

Friends of the Ninja Bike Path (Ninja Bike Path)

Friends of the Aiken Wildflower Garden (George Aiken Wildflower Garden at the Bennington Museum)

HAYc3 (Tree planting in the Village of Hoosick Falls Park)

Agricultural Stewardship Association (NY) and the Vermont Land Trust (farmland conservation projects in the West Bennington-East Hoosick area)

For further information,
Please contact the WHIPS Program Director,

Kate McQuerrey

Whipstock Hill Preservation Society
P.O. Box 1478
Bennington, VT