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The Whipstock Hill Preservation Society


A History of Activism

The group’s initial involvement was the opposition to the William E. Dailey rock mine located on the western flank of Whipstock Hill on Farmers Inn Road in East Hoosick.

Following litigation, the mine was eventually permitted, and the WHIPS organization entered into a court-sanctioned Stipulation of Settlement with the William E. Dailey Company, which included a number of special permit conditions intended to minimize the impacts of the mine on the quality of life and natural resources in the vicinity of the mine.

WHIPS serves as a watchdog to ensure compliance with the conditions of the Stipulation of Settlement and the NY State mine permit, an activity that is ongoing.

WHIPS also acts as a local contact when other issues pertaining to the mine not addressed in the Stipulation or state mining permit arise.


One recent example of this role includes the effort beginning in 2007 to ensure that all truck traffic from the mine is diverted to New York Route 7 (per the Stipulation), and not along local roads through this predominantly rural, residential neighborhood.

We channeled the complaints we received to both the Dailey mine operators and to local officials.

In 2008, the Town officials adopted weight limits to prohibit the trucks from using local roads except for local deliveries. Dailey company officials also made an effort to encourage independent contractors to abide by the traffic restrictions. As a result, there has been an improvement in the truck traffic during 2008 and 2009.

Another example is the 2008 informal agreement between WHIPS and the Dailey Company that the tall stockpiles of gravel stored at the mine will be knocked down during the winter months when the mine is closed for the season.

This change has improved the view for the residents of the area. Both of these issues were of concern not only to WHIPS members, but also to non-members and county officials.